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Price Inquiry: (RFQ) Business Message from Mr. John Tosevski

par <> - 22/03/2022 08:15:51
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Message Details

Message Subject Business Message from Mr. John Tosevski

Message Content Please send me the price and shipping costs to Bulgaria. For 100,000 pcs, we would like to add our company logo for this  Read more...

Inquired Product product-detail/33267227.html?spm=a6800.3326722.0.0.8cfc3e5f6UTB

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Date & time sent 3/22/2022 1:15:51 a.m.
Sender Mr. John Tosevski
Company Nagel Pty Ltd
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Telephone 359-87-8629365
Country/Region Bulgaria
Sender's IP Address 87.121.69.*
Sender's IP Location Bulgaria

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