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Dear tecas,
Please find attached specs and pricelist .
Olympik Solar Street/Sports Light (World No.1 30000lm Solar Street/Sports Light .Active PTC Auto-heat System Solar Olympik Street/Sports Light)
Why I recommend you to try our latest bifacial solar Olympik street lights?
1.Bifacial solar panel
Compared to normal mono/poly solar panel,bifacial solar panel is transparent,which can absorb sun energy from top and bottom sides,the efficiency will be up 21%.It is very useful for energy collection.
what is the difference between Bifacial Mono-Crystalline and Mono-Crystalline? 
In order make you understood clearly,do you mind click following two links for deep understanding bifacial solar panel.
2.High-tech PTC Auto-heat system(Optional)Better for Midrth of USA, Canada or Nordic areas.
It is active heating system,which is useful for Mid or North USA or Canada area.When the temperatuare is down to 0 degree,the PTC Auto-heat system would be triggered to warm up the battery pack,once the interior temperature reaches +5 degree,it would stop and continue to charge the battery.So it can make sure the customer experience will be better in winter.
3. 200lm/w LED effiecacy
It is very high flux in solar street light field.Which is real test data.As we choose customized 5050 led chips and our patent optics lens which has 98% light transmittance rate.As we put special glue into lens to shorten the light path when reflection.
4.The solar mars street light can work 62 hours 
When battery is 100% charging full at 12hours for one cycle.It means our mars solar street light can work more than 5 days.
5.Solar panel rotatable & LED array adjustable
It can be flexible for you rotate the solar panel for facing sun perfectly and adjust the led array to project where you wanted.Other solar street light led array is fixed,hardly to adjust.
6.About new technology Hybrid
We can the Hybrid technology with our solar mars street light at low extra cost for you.
Other products for your reference.
Solar power station
Solar Post top light
Please email me if you have any questions.
Kindest regards
Shenzhen Kingyou Smart Technology Co.,Limited
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