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LED High Bay with Philips Xitanium Driver (190lm/w)

par GoldenLux <> - 13/09/2021 22:00:28
State your competitive edge over your competition.

170lm/w Highbay (Philips Driver)

100W = 26.5USD
150W = 32.5USD
200W = 38.3USD

Best Value For Money

190lm/w Highbay (Philips Driver)

100W = 31.4USD
150W = 38.7USD
200W = 46.9USD

Maximize Lumen Output Design to Reach 190lm/w

Philips Xitanium LED Driver 1-10V Dimmable

We have 10,000pcs Philips Xitanium LED Driver in stock.
Delivery time is promised.

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