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par "Betty" <> - 15/10/2021 10:59:12
Dear tecas,
How are you?
Thanks for checking my email if you stay at home in quarantined,Stay safe! Everything gonna be fine very soon.
Please take a look at following and Three hotsell LED Solar Billboard Lights.
Triangle Solar billboard lights

Advantage of which:

1.It can be seen by LCD screen for battery capacity(No.1 LCD Screen Visual-Function applicatoin in solar lighting field)

2.It installed with two  bracket,so it can illuminate all lights downward,very bright

3.We used patent optics lens which has beam angle(front to back 80degree, left to right 110degree)

4.We can offer 4 sizes: 30cm 60cm 90cm 120cm

LED Solar Triangle  Billboard Lights
Jupiter billboard light as follows:
Star billboard light:
At last,You are appreciated to ask for PDF LED Solarbillboard lights specification and Price offer.
Looking forward to hearing your feedback and enquiry.Or you can surf our website:WWW.RELUXLITE.COM
Kindest regards
Shenzhen Kingyou Smart Technology Co.,Limited
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